Horse riding

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Travelling on horsback in Morocco is probabley the best way to discover the wonders of this great country
onthe foothills of the hight Atlas you will see vast panaromas of the surrounding valleys whith vegetation of ceder,carob,and a succession of palm groves of almond trees and garden of olive trees
we also take you on diffrent trip to explore the desert ,our tours have been chosen whith great care to help you discover that Morocco is full of treasures ,to appreciate them ,we have train and prepare our horses to be perfect travel companions for you enjoyment ,they are the best ambassadors of localpopulation where the hors has always been a symbol of power and grace,in a word ,majesty
we invite you to discover whith us,together whith amazing ARAB-BARB horse ,the secret gardens of Morocco
Each season we chose a difrent region
– winter the Sahara desert
-Summer hight Atlas
-Spring or autumn the Anti Atlas , the foothills of the hight Atlas and the Atlantic coast
Eash trip lasts from one day to several days depending on the region and the requirements of our clients

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